Meet Our Speaker – Annie @ PhD in Parenting

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When building a community of engaged readers around your blog and related social media activities – understanding how things like pagerank, pageviews, referring traffic, viral lift, etc. impact your success is key to building your readership.

Speaking of readers – Do you know many people are reading your blog? Do you know who they are? Do you know what content you create is most compelling to them and why?

In her session Using Analytics to Measure Your Results and Learn from Them, Annie @ PhD in Parenting will show you how to make use of various analytics tools to effectively measure your online engagement activities and use that data to create compelling content that builds your readership.

Watch this video intro for Annie’s Social Capital Conference Session

If you don’t know who Annie is – she’s a highly successful Ottawa-based blogger who has been writing about the art and science of parenting on the PhD in Parenting Blog since May 2008. She is a social, political and consumer advocate on issues of importance to parents, women and children. Annie regularly uses her blog as a platform to create awareness and leverage collective empowerment to make a difference in the lives of parents and their children.

To attend Annie’s session and learn more about analytics tools like Google Analytics, WordPress Stats, Facebook Insights, SWIX and more, register for the Social Capital Conference.

You can follow Annie on Twitter and Facebook.

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