Meet Our Speaker – Eric Collard

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Eric Collard has done something pretty cool. He’s taken his 10-years of communications experience in government, NGO and private sector settings and meshed it with his knowledge of emerging media to help organizations master the art of relationship building through these mediums.

In his session Understanding how social media affects traditional media and how to use it to your advantage, Eric will demonstrate how to leverage social media tools, online collaboration and crowdsourcing to reach your communications objectives and foster an interactive dialogue with your key constituents.

Watch this introductory video from #SoCapOtt speaker Eric Collard

We asked Eric share on video what attendees can learn from his session:

One more thing you need to know about Eric: he is one of only 13 certified ChiRunning instructors here in Canada, and has taught the technique to hundreds of people across the country. Oh and he’s a really nice guy too.

If you’d like to learn how social media can help you meet your organization’s communications objectives, be sure to register for the Social Capital Conference to attend Eric’s session.

Feel free to connect with Eric by leaving a comment below or by sending him a shout on Twitter or on his blog ecinc.

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