Meet Our Speaker – Joe Boughner

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If you’ve ever met Joe in person – at a social media event here or there in the city – then you know he knows his stuff. He doesn’t call himself a guru. Nope. He’s a strategist. Plain and simple. Makes sense since he has more than a decade of experience in a variety of strategic communications roles.

Joe by the way, is also very funny – and did a smashing job as emcee at last year’s Social Capital Conference. You can experience some of that wit and strategic thinking by reading his blog 42 Pts on a Double Word Score or by following him on Twitter.

Or you could read this Bitstrip comic he put together to explain why you should attend his session on web engagement at this year’s Social Capital Conference:

If you’ve been struggling to define how to create, execute and measure integrated campaigns across multiple channels (mobile, social, web, etc.) as part of a larger spectrum of digital marketing efforts, then Joe’s session Web engagement management: Understanding how your social efforts lead to meaningful engagement online is for you.

Drawing on real-world case studies, Joe will demonstrate how participants can use web engagement management to truly integrate social media into the full spectrum of digital marketing efforts – including apples-to-apples metrics and analytics.

If you want to learn more about web engagement management, then now is the time to register for this year’s Social Capital Conference.

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