Meet Our Speaker – Kat Inokai Pembleton

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How do you write about sex, marriage, health, and how you really feel about something without alienating everyone around you?

In her session Privacy in your Blog Life – Where do you draw the line? Kat Inokai Pembleton will explore how to share life experiences with the world without doing too much of an overshare. Especially when discussing circumstances that may involve – or at minimum impact – family and friends.

Sharing from her own life experiences, Kat will offer tips and advice on how to tell your stories without  feeling vulnerable or over-exposed and without alienating those around you.

Kat will also provide insight on how to story-tell interesting and relatable content that engages your readers and gets them wanting to hear more.

July 13th Update: Watch a video intro of Kat’s session

Follow Kat on Twitter (@bumpandhustle) as she tweets from the hip about business, motherhood, and the art of the whole shebang. You can also follow Kat’s blog Trying Times at

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