The following is our agenda for the day of the conference. For full session descriptions, click here.

8:00-8:45am Networking
(Coffee and light refreshments available.)
8:45-9:00am Welcome & Announcements ~ Lara Wellman (T102)
9:00-9:40am Opening Keynote ~ Trefor Munn-Venn, Rhapsody Strategies, Inc. (T102)
SESSIONS Case Studies, T123 Content, T117 Strategy, T130 Tools, T119
9:45-10:35am Farewell to the Penny: A Case Study in Social Media for Government
~Kristen Scheel
How Selfish is your Communication?
~Christopher Gostling
Content Marketing Step-by-Step
~Joseph Thornley
LinkedIn: The Next Play
~Perry Monaco
10:35-10:50am BREAK
10:50-11:40am Beyond the Blog: Tips for Transitioning to Professional Writing Online
~Karen Green
Capital Changes: Shifting the Legal Landscape in e-Marketing, Privacy & Intellectual Property
~Ariadni Athanassiadis
Delivering Delight on Both Sides of the Screen: A new approach to audience engagement through social media
~Joe Boughner
Twitter Chats for Beginners, Brands and Businesses
~Vanessa Chiasson
11:40am-1:00pm LUNCH
1:00-1:50pm Wine, Food and Friends: Engaging social media influencers to attract new audiences to the Orchestra
~Kelly Rusk &
Kimberly Raycroft
Crafting great content
~Mel Coulson
How to Develop a Social Media Strategy for your Business
~Sherry Crummy
Doesn’t everyone hate newsletters?
~Lara Wellman
1:55-2:45pm A story about a little company that made itself useful (Or, provide it and they will come.)
~Diana Coote
Refresh, renew, rethink your blog (Or, get your bloggy mojo back!)
~Karen Wilson
Cracking the Code to Your Online Personal Brand
~Cyrus Mavalwala
Look good and grow your audience with Pinterest
~Vivian Cheng &
Eric Jean-Louis
2:45-3:00pm BREAK
3:00-3:30pm Roundtable 1 (View list of roundtables.)
3:30-4:00pm Roundtable 2 (View list of roundtables.)
4:05-4:45pm Closing Keynote ~ Jenna Jacobson, University of Toronto (T102)
4:45-5:00pm Closing Comments ~ Lara Wellman & Karen Wilson

Be sure to join us for the post-conference dinner at Chances R!