Social Media 365: A Trip of a Lifetime by Heather Greenwood Davis

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Heather Greenwood Davis and her family are on the trip of a lifetime.

For the past year Heather, her husband, Ish, and their two boys, Ethan and Cameron, have been exploring the globe, seeing new sights, meeting new people and experiencing all of it together as a family.

As Heather explains on her blog Globetrotting Mama, they aren’t rich, but they couldn’t afford not to do this:

“We dreamed of seeing the world with our kids. We imagined having more time to do nothing (and everything) together. We hoped that one day we’d make it happen. And then one day we decided to do it.”

By the time the Social Capital Conference arrives, Heather and her family will be home from their globetrotting adventure – 12 months, over 30 countries visited and four lives forever changed.

In her closing keynote Heather will share with attendees how social media enriched the experience.

Watch this video of Heather introducing her keynote Social Media 365:

To learn more of how social media enriched Heather and her family’s year-long travel – and plays a pivotal role in her work and home life – be sure to register for this year’s Social Capital Conference.

To connect with Heather in advance of the conference, leave a comment below, visit her blog or follow her on Twitter.

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