Sponsor Spotlight: Thornley Fallis

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Communication in the connected era requires a fresh approach and a new combination of expertise. And that’s what Thornley Fallis has assembled.

Design: How do you stand out in a world of unlimited choice? By delivering remarkable experiences. Experiences that command attention. That interest. That amuse. That move us to action. Great design delivers remarkable experiences at the time, place and through the device of anyone’s own choosing.

Social: The era of the passive audience that receives advertising messages is dead. Over. Gone. Social has become the norm. We build and sustain relationships based on shared interests. Relationships that are digital first, but extend into the real world.

PR: Trust is the most valuable currency in the connected era. And trust is something that we earn. Good public relations are more important in the connected era than ever. The new PR delivers results in traditional media, but sees its path to success through digital first.

Video: The ultimate social object. Video conveys emotion, atmosphere. It evokes memories, aspirations. But it’s not about just any video. It’s about video that tells the story, captures the moment and becomes a shareable object.

Content:  Content brings us together. Content that interests us and that we care about. It moves us. And the creation of great content to build audiences and communities lies at the core of content marketing.

Strategy:  Strategy is the difference between disconnected pieces and a coherent whole. Good strategy is research driven, and built on a foundation of data. As more and more people spend more and more time online, the data they provide grows. We can observe interactions in real time and refine our strategy and approach to reflect what is happening now, not what happened in the past.

Welcome to the connected era.

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