how to block calls on iPhone

Do you want to block all incoming connections on your iPhone? Or maybe you want to block selected numbers? Read our guide to do it in the most effective way.

Blocking a phone number on iPhone

The following method blocks incoming voice calls, SMSes and FaceTime calls from the selected phone number.

Go to the Phone application. Select the Recent tab. Then find the phone number you want to block, and then press the “i” icon to the right of it. From the connection details page, select “Block this person” and confirm the selection.

To unblock a previously blocked caller, do the same. Under “Block this person,” you’ll find the “Don’t block this person” button.

iphone calls blocking

Turn on the Mute function for unknown callers

On iOS 13 devices, you can turn on the Mute feature for unknown callers to avoid calls from people you don’t know. This function blocks numbers that have not been contacted before and that have not been saved to the contact list. If you’ve previously exchanged text messages with a person using their phone number, or if they provided their phone number in the email you sent, calls from that number will not be blocked.

To turn on the Mute unknown callers option, go to Settings> Phone, scroll down and select Mute unknown callers. Calls from unknown numbers are muted and sent to voicemail. They also appear on the list of recent calls.

How to do it

  • Go to the App Store and download the application that detects and blocks unwanted phone calls.
  • Select Settings> Phone.
  • Tap Block and identify connections.
  • Under Allow these applications to block connections and provide the caller ID, enable or disable the application. You can also change the order of applications by priority. Just tap Edit and then drag applications to arrange them in the order you want.

More about blocking calls

iOS has a feature that allows you to block user-selected phone numbers so that they cannot send us messages, make calls and make calls via FaceTime. Sentinel is a specially prepared extension that will allow you to do the same and is more flexible in operation.

The extension displays all blocked numbers that have tried to reach us together with the exact dates and times, including the number of incoming calls from each blocked. We can also choose the prefixes of numbers to block, in practice this means that people with many phone numbers will not be able to contact us.

The Apple operating system will not notify us of an incoming call from a number in the blocked list, but after installing the extension, such information will appear. A notification will appear on the locked screen or on the notification bar after unlocking iGadget.

After installation, we will gain access to a dedicated application, where we will check all the information we are interested in. The extension can be configured by tapping Settings in the upper right corner, then we can enable / disable it. selected functions and set the notification method of connection attempt.



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