how to delete a facebook group

How do you delete a group on Facebook? Many website users are looking for information on this topic. Deleting a group on Facebook is permanent, and can only be done by its administrator, so it’s worth it to be a thoughtful decision. You can also archive a group.

How do you delete a group on Facebook

In News, click Groups on the left menu and select a group. Unfortunately, this cannot be done with one click, you must delete each Member separately, which can be time consuming. How to do it step by step?

  • Click Members on the left.
  • Click next to the name of each group member and then select Remove from group.
  • Click Confirm.
  • After removing the remaining members, select Leave group next to your name.
  • Click Leave and delete.
  • The group no longer exists. Importantly, Members are not notified when a group is deleted.
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Group archiving

To archive a group you must:

  • In News, click Groups in the menu on the left and select a group.
  • Click More under the background photo.
  • Select the Archive group option.
  • Click Confirm.

All members of the Group are notified of the archiving of the Group.

You can also hide your, that is, change it to private. What does this mean in practice?

The private group does not appear in the search results, and Facebook users cannot send requests to join. In a private group, only its members can publish and comment on posts, view the list of members. If you are not sure what privacy settings your group has, just enter its name in the search engine. If it doesn’t appear, it means it’s private.

How can I change my Facebook group’s privacy

To do this, you must be an Administrator of the group. Enter the group whose privacy you want to change. Click More and then Edit group settings. Scroll down to the Privacy section and select Change privacy settings. From the Public or Private options, select one and click Confirm. Scroll down to Save. You can change the privacy of the group once every 28 days. Private groups with more than 5000 members cannot be changed to public. Importantly, each member of the group will receive a notification about the change in the privacy status of the group.

Messenger groups

The easiest way is to delete users who are members of the group. To do this, open a group chat. Then select the gear symbolizing the “Options” function. There select “Members” and remove each one in turn. At the end it remains only to remove yourself from the group, which will automatically delete the group.

If you’re using the mobile version of Messenger, you can also hold your finger on the conversation. Then the red icon with the basket will appear. Pressing it should delete the entire group. Unfortunately, this option does not always work. If you want to permanently get rid of the group, you must remove each member in turn, including yourself.



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